Vehicle Charging Networks and Future Plug In Locations

The country is aiming for zeros emissions by 2050 a very ambitious target considering the amount of fossil fuel vehicles there are on the road and the lifespan of these. Car manufacturers are already changing their future plans towards electric cars, even Formula One motor sport is being dictated by it.

But as it stands electric cars are still much dearer to buy that petrol or diesel, even with the allocated government grant. may on the road today are leased due to reasonable low depreciation values. But there are and certain factors that will determine its future success or not.

Electric Charging Point

One of the success factors, has little to do with the manufacturing of electric vehicles. It will be the charging networks throughout all locations of the UK. Where can we all charge or cars, quickly and efficiently to give us the range we need? No-one is going to invest in this type of technology, if there are not enough sufficient charging stations in convenient locations.

Locations Such As Supermarkets And Work

The future may be different to that now. We are seeing many supermarkets Tescos, Asdas etc that are adding charging ports in their car parks, so the vehicle can be hooked up during shopping, sometimes for free. Large businesses are offering charging ports to their employees, plug-in whilst at work. Of course as at the time this is writing, it still take hours to charge a vehicle to do any long range journey, so speed of charging will be a win or lose factor.

Moving At Speed – Motorsport May Help With The Technology

Of course technology is moving very fast. Take Formula E motor racing, in only a few years of racing, they have been able to double the distance of these race cars. In The first few seasons, the drivers had to switch cars halve way through a race, now each car will make it o the end. Of course, there is still that issues of the time it takes to charge those batteries.

Timing Of The Charge Networks.

Just like there are brand chains of petrol stations up and down the UK, there could be the same, but in electric form, mmm or will there be?. Getting the timing right and understanding the business format of these stations is trial and error. The truth is, there may be sufficient hook up resources from other factors, such as retail parks, factories, schools, shops etc, where there is no need to find a charging station, because they are just everywhere. Of course we had to add the fact, that most people will just plug in at home overnight, so the demand is unlikely to match current petrol stations. So the business plan to set up a network now, may not be the right time, until a success format has been established, and the fossil fuel companies are the more likely to move into this sector.

Share Rise For Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Such As Tesla

It is all exciting to follow and every year, the sales of electric vehicles increases. This year the shares of Tesla have moved 400%, in anticipation of the growth, so it will happen. But exactly when and how is still not written in the sand yet, more trail and error. But it is likely the plug in location will just increase and increase over the next few decades. So by the time the technology is there, we will be able to plug-in, but whether it will be part of a national network, or a more fragmented approach, on the futre will tell.