Do Your Bit to Relieve Traffic in Middlesbrough

Help Relieve The Traffic Burden Of Middlesbrough

Even back in 2017, Teesside Live was reporting that the roads around Middlesbrough are among the most congested in the country. Traffic hotspots in the area include the roundabout at Cargo Fleet Lane, High Street Ormesby and Normanby Road; the junction at Cargo Fleet Lane and Longlands Road; the junction at Dixons Bank and Stainton Way — the list goes on. It’s 2019 now and the traffic is still a problem for many in the area. The BBC pointed out back in 2016 that some 700,000 people live within a 30-minute drive of the town. Together these factors have all kept the traffic heavy and congested.

Heavy Traffic Night

So, what can we do? Well, if we all play our part, there are things individuals can do while driving in the area that will help keep the traffic flowing.

1. Don’t take risks
Safer driving is, overall, the best way we have to ensure fewer delays and smoother traffic circulation. Many of us have experienced being in a jam and expecting to find an accident or roadworks ahead of us, but as we come through the jam, we discover that nothing was wrong. Traffic “shock waves” are more often caused by people suddenly switching lanes, following too close to the car in front and having to emergency brake, extreme acceleration and braking cycles etc. This type of behaviour is what’s keeping you from getting there on time!

2. Carpool
Do you have friends going somewhere the same time and place as you? Why not carpool, as the Americans say. Car sharing is a great way to significantly reduce traffic, but also save you money, and gain some company as you all travel to your common destination. Peter Kay even wrote an entire TV series based on this top idea. If it’s good enough for Peter Kay…

3. Use public transport
Unless you have a specific reason to take your car, then consider a bus or another form of publicly offered transport. Why add another car to the road? Middlesbrough has dedicated bus lanes, meaning you’ll probably get there faster, even with the stops on the way. It also saves you the bother of looking for a parking space.

4. Rideshare if possible
Back in 2016 it was reported that Uber had no plans to apply for licences and expand into Middlesbrough, but as of January 2019 it seems they have had a change of plans and now you can rideshare around Middlesbrough. Sharing means, ultimately, fewer cars on the road and therefore a reduction in congestion. It also provides jobs to local drivers, so you’re doing your bit to grow the economy, too!

Let’s all do our part to keep Middlesbrough’s roads safer and less congested.