Vehicle Leasing Solutions Online

If you are thinking about or are used to leasing a vehicle, CarUnited will help you connect with those websites that suit your needs.

Everyone have different requirements and so it is important, to shop around and be aware that this is a financial commitment and you should always get advice from an expert should be you be unsure.
We not claim to be experts on your specific needs, but we do aim to help you find your choice and so be better informed to make better decisions.

TYpical BMW For Lease In Showroom

Business Lease

Also referred to as contract hire: If you own a business, then business leasing can tick the vehicle ownership boxes. Firstly driving a vehicle that gives an impression of success, can assist in both personal and business profile.
Leaving money that would normally be used to purchase a vehicle, in the business to be used as cash flow or marketing, can also help with ambitious business plans.
Newer vehicles are mainly cheaper to run, better MPG, fewer garage bills and MOT’s. Not forgetting the warranty than normally comes with any vehicle.

Private Leasing

Not so popular as in previous years as PCP has taken over that spot, But where it can be offered, it may help spread the cost of modern motoring.

PCP Private Contract Purchase

Most garages offer this as a finance solution to private new vehicle buyers. It gives the option of leasing the vehicle for a set amount of time and at the end of the contract, be able to buy the vehicle for a set agreed price, or just hand it back. With monthly payments based on the d[depreciation of the vehicle in that set period, rather than the full amount of the asset, can keep monthly payments down and allow a better vehicle to be purchased for less money. The downside of course, is at the end of the agreement, you do not own the vehicle until a final set payment is made.

Online Businesses Offering Vehicle Leasing

We have scoured the net looking for the bigger players in this genre. Here are some examples we have found.

Select Car Leasing

This site comes with an impressive Trust Pilot score of 9.7 and 5 stars, so has to be taken seriously. The fornt page consists of some special offers, which of course are time specific and could end at any moment.

M W Vehicle Contracts

Another large site with a selection vehicle leasing deals right from the start. Just scroll through or select your chosen make and model as well as time you wish to have the contract for to get you price.


Unfortunately no longer trading ( This was a finder service, but was different in that it never published prices, on the basis that the best deals were never published as they were no around long enough, It suited those looking for the best deal, rather than those specifically looking for an exact match to make and model.

Leasing is a Financial Service

You should always treat tis as a financial service and be aware of all the small print. For example, max mileage you can drive and the penalties should you go over that limit. Also minimum servicing requirements and the locations where you are allowed to service the vehicle.

Typical Audi A3 Showroom For Lease
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