Detailed Reasons to Lease a Lexus

It’s synonymous with Japanese efficiency, luxury and supreme quality. It’s a brand that summons the image of sleek lines, great fuel economy and a comfortable, high-tech ride. Now that the market has an ever-increasing amount of choice of car leasing options, there is a bigger and bigger segment of the market that can opt for a new Lexus. Good news for us all! But why exactly should you lease a Lexus? Below are some of the detailed reasons.

UK range Lexus Cars

Comfort and Design Lexus Style

When you lease a Lexus, you’re getting a machine that has been carefully and ergonomically designed down to the last detail. Take the Lexus NX compact SUV as an example. On the inside you can opt for a plush leather trims, a well-aligned display with crystal clear LED touchscreen, convenient controls for Eco or Sport driving modes, and even 14 Mark Levinson® speakers. On the outside you see the distinctive lines that make up the strong Lexus frame, supported by stunning 17” alloys, triple-beam LED headlights and much more.

Japanese Performance and Efficiency

Japan is a country well known for its overengineering of automotive engines. The result for UK consumers is cars that outstrip competitors in reliability, quality of parts, efficiency and overall strength. The Lexus NX comes with a 2.0L turbocharged engine as standard, with more options on higher trim levels. Despite the incredible power being delivered, the models are efficient, offering impressive gas mileage, some more than 30 miles per gallon. There are even hybrid model options — not typical of luxury-level models — that will boost that even further.

Safety System With Lexus

Leasing a luxury brand doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety. High tech safety features are abundant in all models. The Lexus IS Saloon, for example, comes with a reverse camera, blind spot monitor, side impact beams, lane departure warning, tire pressure warning, and parking sensors as standard. The Lexus Safety System+ is an unbeatable package that will keep you and your passengers safe on any road.

What more does one need to say? You might add that Lexus is among the most affordable options when it comes to new car leasing. Because you’re able to spread the cost over time, you can get even more Lexus than you could afford when buying outright. What’s more, you can keep up with the latest that rolls off the production line by renewing at the end of your lease period. It’s all the advantages of Lexus with less of the initial cost. See how a Lexus lease could change your driving life today.