Leasing a BMW – So Much to Love

A brand synonymous with German engineering quality, as well as professionalism, luxury and style. Nobody tends to buy or lease a BMW lightly, it’s usually a move done with a definite purpose, such as celebrating financial success, or to reflect a strong company image, for instance. Today there are more ways than ever to drive a BMW, most prominent of which are the many great options to lease. Thanks to the way leasing helps us to spread out costs, a BMW has never been more accessible, and people seem to be snapping them up.

New BMW 3 series 330e

But why is it, exactly? What is it that people love so much about the idea of leasing a Bimmer? Let’s dive in and take a look at the biggest reasons people have for choosing BMW.

Performance & Handling

Whichever model of BMW you choose, from the stylish 320i M Sport Saloon to the edgy Z4, the cars are known for their enjoyability to drive. Sites like AutoCar have described the handling of the BMW 3 series cars for example as more “measured and assured” than similar competitors. While appearing more conservative on the surface, the BMW also hides an athletic side and speedy nature that makes it simply irresistible to drive. It’s no wonder people are lining up to get their hands on a BMW. A lot of people that a new car lease will mean having to take time to get used to the car’s controls, but with the BMW it’s all very intuitive and drivers find themselves quickly mastering the controls.

Safety Features

When you’re thinking of leasing a car, you’re going to opt for the one with the best safety features, otherwise you just won’t feel secure whenever you’re behind the wheel. BMW’s safety technology has been developed and implemented at an impressive rate. It now includes great features like Dynamic Safety which detects driver fatigue and automatically takes protective measures against it. The Driving Assistant package includes approach control warning, speed limit info, lane departure warning, cross-traffic warning and brakes designed specifically for faster stopping in emergency situations. These two examples are among the many additions that BMWs can be fitted with to maximize driver and passenger safety.

Variety with Consistency

A fleeting look at BMW’s own homepage shows you a seriously impressive array of car models beating out the selection in many of their rivals. From the award-winning BMW 1 series right up to the M-, i- and PHEV-series vehicles. Despite being a brand associated with high-end luxury and executive privilege, there is actually a BMW to suit any personality and any individual or family need. Go for a compact but sporty BMW 1, or opt for a large, roomy BMW X6 SUV. The PHEV models even show that a green philosophy is not lost on the world of BMW driving. The other key to success when it comes to BMW is that no matter which of the many models you choose from, you can be assured of a world-beating consistency in quality and reliability.


BMW has always had a strong and unique image amongst their many automotive rivals. As time went on, the BMW has become the very symbol of professional style and a strong, successful business image. Those distinctive lines that encompass an alluring yet sturdy frame are part of an aesthetically pleasing design combination of strength, utility and beauty that balances in a way that makes drivers simply want more.


The company’s “BMW Live Cockpit” offers fantastically user-friendly, intuitive and personalized control systems, now backed up with their new operating system. Their models typically come with great features that people like — parking assist, digital keys, their renowned “Laserlights”, acoustic windows and much more. In the world where technology, especially communication technology, has become an inseparable part of our lives, the BMW is the machine that helps you integrate during your drive.

They Win Awards

Why else do people want to lease BMWs? They prove their worth through their accolades. In 2019, both the BMW 1 series and the BMW 8 series were honoured at the Golden Steering Wheel awards, considered among Europe’s top, most prestigious automotive accolades.

BMW’s own website is awash with positive reviews from drivers who have made the car their own. Furthermore, despite its long history and the emergence of countless other competitors from Asia and North America, this classic European brand continues to impress and win over new drivers with its irresistible look, powerful and reliable performance, vast array of technological innovations and stellar record on safety. Leasing has made this formerly out-of-reach brand seem more accessible than ever, and it’s no wonder that people are lining up to sign a lease and drive away feeling on top of the driving world.

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