Reasons Why You May Lease Your Next Jeep

Chrysler’s brand of quality, durability and style has been established over many decades of operation in the US and around the world. It’s no wonder that Jeep remains such a strongly performing marque in worldwide sales. A brand-new Jeep doesn’t exactly come with a small sticker price, but there are other ways to join the millions of drivers who have opted for this fine machine, and that’s through leasing. Below we’ll explain some reasons for you to lease your next Jeep.

White Jeep Paris Motor Show 2012

More Jeep for your Money

If you’re buying, your typical budget might only stretch to the basic model, but when you consider a lease, you can spread the costs, allowing you to upgrade yourself to a bigger and better trim, like the Summit or Trackhawk. Leasing means manageable costs, allowing you the room to upgrade the trim, or customize a more standard trim to make it more comfortable or sporty. Because your monthly premium is based on the depreciation over the lease period, vehicles with more tech and upgrades can be cheaper to lease than a low spec model. Of course you need to check out the premiums for each model, to be sure.

Some people think that renting means you’re throwing money away. With a property it’s true, but with a car it may be right for your situation. That new Jeep you just bought, as with any other new car, will lose about 20 percent of its value the moment you drive it off the dealership car park and out onto the road. In your first three years of ownership it will lose another 20 to 30 percent in value. An option to lease may be right for you, please do your research and get professional advice if you are unsure.

MOTs And Other Considerations New V Old

Let’s say you take out a 36-month lease on a brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. During those three years, you won’t need an MOT test or, quite likely, any of the regular maintenance that an older car would need. At the end of your lease, you can trade in for another new model; another upgrade. By staying in the newest cars, you avoid the inevitable extra costs that older machines bring, whatever their brand.

An Extra Safe Jeep

Besides the extra bells and whistles you can add on to your Jeep by leasing, you can also opt for the top package of safety features, which gives you extra peace of mind. This is especially important if your new Jeep lease is your family car. You can move from the typical Protech I package to the Advanced Protech III package, which includes the same standard features (super-strong steel frame, airbags, ABS etc.) as well as some extras like full-speed forward collision warning with active braking, parallel parking assist, adaptive cruise control, rain-sensing windscreen wipers and more.

It’s always smart to purchase quality, and that’s what you always get with Jeep, but why not try something new? Experience the many above benefits and more by leasing your next Jeep.