Locating The Right Parts For Your Vehicle

A lot depends on budget and what you feel the right replacement option. For example a genuine like for like OEM part from the dealership may be your only consideration. Certainly for many upmarket vehicles, using original parts with receipts will help retain your vehicles value. But then you could look at new after market parts. These tend to be copies made of the originals, they will still come with a guarantee and be made to a usable standard.

Then there is the used market, mainly supplied from breaker yards up and down the country. Most of these parts will be a discount price and will the same OEM version that came with the vehicle. However, do not underestinlate the cost of removing parts form a vehicle, cleaning then packing anmd sending to you. Therefore not all parts will be supplied this way, and new will be the only way to go.

mechanic holding cylinder head

New Parts

There are many online suppliers than may deliver cheaper options, than driving to the local car accessory shop. But of course, if that vehicle needs to be fixed today, than the onlline and delvered option is no longer a solution. Here are some suppliers, you may have used before.


The biggest online retailer and a huge rage of spares, often with more than one option. IN some cases, I may be easier to order online then collect form the local store.

Used Car Parts

The actual transaction of used parts are mainly delivered by the many breaker yards that serve the UK, but there are some clever search systens, that will match what you are lookimg for, by sending a request to several breaker yards. They than return with a quote for what they have in stock.

247 Spares

One of the original large find a part websites and still going strong. Enter your reg number and what you are looking for, and depending on how rare the item is, expect to get quotes in minutes, even phone calls, if you have volunteered your mobile number.

1st Choice

Another very large website, that will help you locate your part through their own network of breaker yards. You reg number is key to identifying your vehicle and year. Then expect to get severeal quote, depending what you are looking for.


This is different to those above in that it only deals with specialist breaker yards, who only deal with a type or make of vehicle. For example VAG breaker yards, who only deals with vehicle built by the VW group. Then of course Ford, Vauxhall, French, Japanese specialists etc. Sometimes, you are more likely to find success with a specialist than knows what vehicle to source and what parts are in demand.


Unfortunately this spares finder service is now defunct and no loner offers a service. It was very popular in its day as it showed right from the start where your request had gome to and who to expect a return call from. Other services than adapted this later on.

Ebay Of Course Old and New

Of course don’t forget this mammoth of an auction site, where even top dealerships have an online shop to sell their spares. Of course you can access the private seller through this format, but there may be little come back if it is not up to standard.

Local Gumtree

Aimed at local face to face buyers and sellers, but you never know there could be a bargain, just around the corner.