Where To Buy The Cheapest Suspension Parts

This is not a black and white question, there are a lot of “depends if” and what “about this” issues. So lets start putting these together to find and buy the cheapest parts for your vehicle’s suspension online for you.

light inspection car suspension

The Age Of The Car Is It Newer?

This is an essential starting point, if the purpose is to buy replacement suspension parts for a new or nearly new vehicle that has become involved in an auto accident, there may only be one answer. Buying new and genuine, may be the only consideration for this kind of situation and that means buying from the local dealership or online genuine suspension parts only.

Parts Could Be

  • Rear and Front Shock Absorbers
  • Suspension Bushes
  • Left or Right Anti-Roll Bars
  • Suspension Arms
  • All 4 Road Springs
  • Full Suspension Strut Assemblies

To purchase anything less may invalidate ant warranty or insurance on the vehicle, unfortunately these parts tend only to be sold at full retail price most of the time. There are however exceptions, so car dealerships offload parts that have stood on the shelf for a while. The suspension parts are still brand new, never been fitted to nay vehicle and in full packaging with full warranty, just with a longer manufacturing date.

A popular place to offload these parts is Ebay, selling via their official garage brand name, with full explanation these are official genuine parts.

Older Cars, Suspension Sourcess

If your vehicle is older, then a whole world of online opportunities comes in to force. It may be that after market suspension parts are suitable, as they are cheaper, still deliver the job they are supposed to do, but also match the value of the car and will not induce any unneeded devaluation of your car.

These parts are not manufactured under licence, they are in fact copies and may not match the genuine article in quality. But in most cases they still should last many years, or past the natural life of your vehicle.

Lets start with the larger car part retailers, that sell online and some may have a click and collect option too, at a local store. These brands consist of

  • Eurocarparts
  • AutoDoc
  • Halfords
  • Carparts4less
  • Auto Parts UK
  • Autopartspro
  • Allpartsautomotive

This is not the complete list, but it is worth visiting each one individually and searching for all prices to compare. Brand names may still be an important part of this journey, to establish quality. Eurocarparts, often ask when visiting their stores “are you looking for budget or best quality”?

You will find that in most cases there is a quick deliver option also. Most people can not have their car on the drive waiting for online deliveries.

As mention before Ebay can play a big part in researching the cheapest prices and do not for get amazon, they also supply all parts.

Second Hand or Used Suspension Parts

Sometimes buying used suspension parts is a better option. These spares are often the real OEM versions and in most cases supplied with a warranty of some sort. Most used parts come from auto breaker yards, unfortunately the time to remove these spares can be substantial, so not all yards strip down parts until they have a buyer. The old fashioned, get on the phone and ask, can work.

But most people today would choose to use an only system, that brings suspension breakdown yards and buyers together. These online platforms include

  • Breakerlink
  • 247spares
  • Partsgateway
  • 1stchoice
  • Autovillage

Complete a form and many breaker yards will respond with a quote (if they have the stock of course). You can then choose the cheapest, or not depending on the actual suspension part on question, warranty, delivery charge and customer service.

It needs to mentioned again, but Ebay has a huge selection of used suspension parts, to compare the cheapest.

Seasonal Suspension Parts sales

Yes, like all retailers, these online suspension part suppliers, also have sales, so by connecting with retailers through social media, you may need your spares at the same time a sale is going on. Happy days.