How Different Is It To Find Those Aston Martin Used Spares

Considering the huge price tag of a new Aston Martin it is fair to assume, there is little demand for used spares for these models. But when you look at cars that are a bit older say the Aston Martin DB7, then the marketplace opens.

Looking on Ebay at time of writing, there is a salvage DB7 for under £12k and a perfectly usable model for under £20k. These price tags mean you don’t need to be a millionaire to own and within the affordability of enthusiasts and second car owners.

Silver Aston Martin DB7

Working To A Budget

These models for sale are typically 20 years old and of course are of an age where replacements are needed, and here lies the demand for finding these used parts. Aston Martin owners, working to a budget.

It is unlikely these types of spares will be found in breaker yard. If a salvaged model did arrive, due to say a road traffic accident, it is unlikely they would strip it. More likely that would sell the vehicle to an Aston Martin specialist, which there are a few in Britain, who in turn would strip, clean, test and then sell the remaining good parts within.
Of course don’t expect these salvage spares to be of a similar price of say a ford focus and don’t expect them to be in huge quantities But at least they exist in some quantity to keep these sport cars on the road.

Typical Specialists

We have no assocoation of the list below. Just what was found on the internet.


So What About Even Older Cars

Well this is where it does get expensive. We all know how expensive the price of the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 model is worth, so it is fair to assume that any parts that bolt on to it will cost a premium. It is also fair to say, that spares for older models like this will probably be re-manufactured to original standard by specialists, or from Aston themselves.


Iconic james bond Aston martin db5

Anything used will either come from a club, fellow enthusiast or specialists.
So there is a message here. Success is more likely to be achieved with the Aston specialists even though all the online spare finder services suggest the breaker yards in their network will quote on Aston spares.

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