How Hard Is It To Find Those Vauxhall Spares

One of the great British motoring brands that has survived the challenges of manufacturing motor cars and still survives with its name intact, Vauxhall. Of course we all know it only exists as Vauxhall in a few countries, Britain and Australia included, but through the rest of Europe, you would be looking for Opel spares, its EU brand name instead.

It all started in 1857 by Alexander Wilson, so does this nearly 150 old company bear well with its supply of parts?

Lets start with the supply of new spares, so how hard is it?

Typical Vauxhall Mokka

Vauxhall Dealership Network and Aftermarket Supply

There is a Vauxhall dealer in nearly every city and large town in the UK, which means buying brand new parts to the exact standard fitted as new, should be easy for every recent model, with a short order time, if not in stock. Of course, dealership spares are always the most expensive, but in theory should be the safest and guaranteed to fit exactly.

In the many aftermarket retailers out there, there is likely to be a huge catalogue of every spare imaginable at a more reasonable price, but there should be an understanding that most aftermarket parts are made in China.

With so many models available and the high demand to keep them on the road, normally means, spare can be sold by retailers at an affordable value compared to say some German makes, even though many Opel parts are actually made in Germany.

Is There A Good Supply At Breaker Yards

The used spare market is dominated by UK breaker yards up and down the UK, but unlike some other makes there a fewer dedicated Vauxhall breaker yards than say Jap or German makes. Quite frankly this is due to the abundance of some cars on the road, so when they cone to the end of their life, there are loads of them. Pretty much every general breaker yard will have Vauxhalls in stock with spares that can be used across several models. Rust was a problem in the 1960s, but now all models are expected to have a decent long life, so used psares for a newer Vauxhall are only likely to come from salvage and crashed damaged vehicles. There are some online finder systems ot help you find Vauxhall spares, from Breakeryard (, 1st Choice Spares (, 247 spares ( and carsaprefinder (no longer trading A simple form and your spare request can go to several breaker yards nationally who are very likely to have most Vauxhall spares in stock. Engines for example can cover several models, from the Corsa to the Astra and even the Insignia. The Mokka is a SUV version of the Corsa and the cross platform sharing of technology keeps manufacturing costs down. In short, the answer is Yes, there will be a good supply for most parts for most models.

A Bit More History

It is interesting that prior to the second world war, Vauxhall was seen as a Luxury brand, but with the exception of some sport models, is now seen as making good cars for the working class. Originally owned by General Motors since 1925 and for many of those decades designed and manufactured models for the European market, completely different to that of the USA, now is it is owned by Groupe PSA.

Vauxhall Models

  • Vauxhall Agila
  • Vauxhall Antara
  • Vauxhall Astra
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Vauxhall Frontera
  • Vauxhall Insignia
  • Vauxhall Meriva
  • Vauxhall Tigra
  • Vauxhall Vectra
  • Vauxhall Zafira
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