The Used Jaguar Spares Market

We associate Jaguar as a Luxury brand of car that alludes everything that is great about British motoring, even though it hasn’t been British owned for some time. The older models have a real status with classic car collectors, this being enhanced from TV programmes such as Morse, starring John Thaw.

The modern Jaguar has to compete with the Mercedes and BMWs of the world as a luxury executive vehicle, that offers something different to the clinical designs of Germany. So new cars are not cheap, so the Jaguar used car part market may not have much scope within newer models.

Jaguar Estate Paris Motor Show

However, depreciation can be high with certain models and it isn’t long before that expensive luxury car, becomes more affordable to the typical motorist, this is where buying used, can make parts more affordable.

Jaguar Specialists

There are a few Jaguar only specialists that buy in salvage vehicles, then strip down the vehicles, and then sell off the spares separately. (just use a search engine, no recommendations here) It is fair to say though, these are likely to be vehicles that have been involved in an accident, so certain parts like airbags can really be difficult to find, even if the right models are lying in a breaker yard. General breakers may avoid buying these in, knowing the phone is unlikely to ring for such spares and often will leave these models to the specialists.

However, once a vehicle starts to get to 15 years old or so, the price of a secondhand model can be very cheap, especially as road tax and fuel costs can be high for these vehicles. Then the availability of spares becomes easier and not that expensive, especially if supply exceeds demand.

Still A British Car

For those looking for luxury and something different to what comes out of Germany, a Jaguar could be the solution. They are still manufactured in Britain in Solihull to be more correct, look and drive great, even though sometimes the technology is a bit behind the competing models.

Lets Summerise

It is very likely that when spares are needed for the newer models, than the dealership will be the first location, unless aftermarket options are acceptable. But as a model gets older, it is more likely that Jaguar specialist can source used OEM parts, that will be cheaper that new aftermarket equivalents.

Some Jaguar Models

  • Jaguar S Type
  • Jaguar X Type
  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar XJ
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