Solutions To Sell Your Car

Lets be honest it is normally easier to choose and buy your next car than to sell your old one. With the exception of certain models, it is normally a buyers market out there full of tyre kickers and those wanting the sale of the century.

Car For Sale

We Want You To Get The Best Deal

So CarUnited have put together a list of solutions to give you the best chance of selling your vehicle safely and getting the best deal here in the UK

"We Buy Any Car" Type Websites

When “We Buy Any Car” started a few years back it changed the trade vehicle scene for many motorists. You no longer needed to trade in your vehicle with the dealer, you were buying from, or spend weeks, trying to sell privately.

Fill in a quick form, get a price and if you happy with it, drive to the nearest “We Buy Any Car “ depot, for inspection, then in a few days the money is transferred into your account. Pretty easy and quick.

However there some downsides. Firstly you are only likely to get “trade” price for your vehicle, if you were going down a “part ex” route, then this value may the same anyway. But there is also an admin fee, that covers certain charges like bank transfer etc.

The recent TV adverts, are becoming more honest about this know, stating you may get less for your vehicle, but think of the time and hassle you are saving.

There are now other competitive websites out these, that offer a similar service, it is worth Googling them and comparing prices.

Selling To Local Trade

You may be surprised to how many garages buy in stock direct from motorists. If you have a vehicle they want to retail, most are will to talk buying from you. It all depends on the vehicle you are selling to whom to go to.

Most traders have their own niche of vehicles, say with a certain year range, or type of vehicle. Buy doing some research and matching what you own, to what any potential garage may want to retail, you could get more money. It is also safer and potentially quicker than selling privately.

It is unlikely though, dealers will pay cash for your car. They are likely to do a HPI check on it before transferring the money to your bank account. It is in their interest to ensure there is no outstanding finance still on the vehicle and has not been involved in any accidents.


This is a more traditional way to sell any car and has been going for some time, initially in printed form, now its online.

Take some great photos of your vehicle and a truthful for positive description and upload it to AutoTrader, where thousands of people will get to see what you have to offer. There is a one off charge, that is paid whether your sell or not, but the coverage is huge.

The downsides, are time wasters who don’t turn up, but also those who will want to pay via cheque or other means trying to scam you.

Don’t let your vehicle leave until, you have either cash in your hands or money on the bank. Never let them test drive without you being there, also make sure they are insured.
The positives are you should get a better than trade price for the extra effort.

There are other pay for to sell your car websites out there worth trying like CarWow and CarGurus


This is a free online service, where you can posty our vehicle and description on a free basis and if you intend to sell, should post here anyway. Why? because it is free! The same rules apply to any private selling, take your time and dont let that vehicle leave until you have payment.


You can sell under auction conditions or as a standard advert. Most will opt for the latter, as auction fees can be high for an expensive car, although if you need to sell, an auction with a low reserve and starting price, pretty much guarantees a sale.

If you opt for payment through paypal, it will give some security, but there is a change for this and most buyers will not want to pay until they have seen the car, to be sure your description matches their perception of the vehicle.

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