Not that long ago, most believed we had few options to sell their vehicle. They could “Part Exchange” it against something newer or better or sell it privately, with all of those pressures that option presented.

Car SHowroom Kia Carens
Typical Car Showroom, in this case ref Kia Carens

But then “We Buy Any Car” arrived on the scene and were not shy to market themselves on TV with a clear message, “sell to us” first, then you may get a better deal, when on your next car at your chosen retailer as a cash buyer without a trade in.

Clearly a strong argument, as “We Buy Any Car” went from strength to strength, with a local office, pretty mush everywhere in the UK.

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Why It Just Worked

Before this period, many car retailers had their own way, as it was just too inconvenient for owners to have more than one vehicle at a time. The law states, every car has to be insured and taxed, so keep a vehicle after buying a new one, created extra pressure on the purse.

Many retailers, also took to not giving a trade in price, until that client was sat down and ready to buy. By this time the thought process, is on buying and the cards are being held by the sales person.

Selling privately through local adds or autotrader, was also not the easiest process, with tyre kickers and fraudsters. Ensuring you got paid was also a risk, with most private sales being done with “Cash”, to avoid any scams. Everyday that old car was on the drive, uninsured or un-taxed, was a risk to the owner. So when “We Buy Any Car” came along, and with a single appointment, you could get a set price and receive payment into a bank account from a trust worthy source, the demand was huge.

It Gave A Choice

It helped the process, when buying a newer car also. A quick check online to what “We Buy Any Car” would give, meant that whilst negotiating that deal, buyers were not controlled by what that retailer was prepared to give. Worst scenario get a great deal on the car, then sell to WBAC.

When Life Has Changed

We may plan our life in a certain way, but that is no guarantee it will continue smoothly. “We Buy Any Car”, also became a convenient way to sell a vehicle quickly, when life is no longer kind, such for divorce, or bereavement reasons. We are not always in a position, where we are moving forward, sometimes we have to downsize and maybe the bigger car needs to be sold to buy a smaller more practical model. Again WBAC, was a convenient place, to access funds quickly.

When It Is Not The Best Option

The downside of using “We Buy Any Car” is the amount offered for the vehicle, very often it will be trade price or less. If getting the best price for the vehicle is critical, selling privately will in most cases offer a better price, provided it is done quickly and without much advertising costs.

There is also an admin charge, to cover the transfer of money to a bank account and obviously other things. This needs to factored in to any overall deal, to ensure this is the best option. The good news, is that unlike a vehicle retailer, a valuation can be got online first, so there are no hidden factors.

How We Buy Any Cars Marketing Has Changed

Initially it was all about, getting a better deal at your car salesroom, because you would be trade in free, but now all TV advertising has switched to a theme of saving time. There is an upfront admittance, that you may not get the best price from WBAC, but the argument is “How Much Is Your Time Worth” and wouldn’t you prefer to be doing something more useful?
It is a brave stance, as many people would put the value of their vehicle first, but it does manage expectations.

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