About Us

The basis of CarUnited is to bring many of the motorists solutions into one place.

Like any website it needs to start small and grow based on demand and interaction. The starting place for us, is based around “selling your car”, “car parts” and “leasing” ideas. In time we will grow and adapt based on what is used or not.

We are currently based in Stockton On Tees, TS17, nothing to major here, as time moves on maybe a need to move to larger premises but for now, it is small and simple.

Your Data

From day one, we have opted not to keep, save or use your personal data, the exception to this would be if you opt to receive any newsletter. (not available at present). All we would ask for is an email address and a first name. This will never be sold or passed on, and we will never spam you.

We do use Google Analytics to measure traffic numbers and sources, but nothing personal is available for us to use.

Any branded links, that direct you to a form, this data is stored by that brand not ourselves. We act only as an affiliate, we do not offer those services. We will only act as an affiliate for brands that are well established, there should be no confusion of the service or brand your data is been typed into.

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No Cookies

These are small files that many websites download to your computer to help with your visiting experience. We have opted not to uses cookies, which is why there are no warning messages, we don’t use them so no need to have a warning message.

If in the future we opt to use them, then it will be clearly mentioned here and a warning message will be installed.

Our Content and Articles

We will be writing article from time to time. It is important to realise, these are nothing more than our opinion on any subject, we should never be seen as an expert in the subject matter and professional advice should always be taken, especially in financial matters.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.