How Does Fiat Stack Up In The Leasing Market

For those think about leasing their next vehicle rather than buying, Fiat is not normally the first brand many have in mind. German brands often have the upper hand, for several reasons.

The monthly leasing payment is based on the depreciation of the vehicle of the period, rather than the overall window buying price. Fiat models don’t always compete well here, because even though they are considerably cheaper to buy outright, they do tend to have a higher depreciation than other luxury models. Meaning in some cases the difference between leasing a German model versus a Fiat can be much smaller than the protentional buyer may think.

Fiat 500L In Showroom Reday to Lease

Business Lease Considerations with Fiat

It doesn’t end there, certainly with business lease. Many business owners or sales employees, want to look successful and the car they drive can make a statement to the fact. Unfortunately, Fiat is not a brand associated with that image, more of good value motoring.
Employees who also pay a “Benefit In Kind” tax may also be torn towards vehicles that have lower CO2 emissions, to keep their tax down. Even though there is a strong connection with Daimler Mercedes, most Foat models are not at the fore front of lower emissions.

So Are There Any Benefits Leasing A Fiat?

The biggest advantage to Fiat over German, Swedish and most Japanese, tends to be around servicing costs and replacement parts, especially of the contract makes the owner responsible for these. Insurance is likely to be cheaper also, a smaller Fiat is likely to be cheaper to insure than a small Audi for example.

Don’t underestimate how well these underrated models drive and look also, gone are the days of the Multipla (a good idea without the looks). In Italy it is all about style and feeling sporty. It is no surprise the Fiat 500 is one of the best small cars out there and Top Gear rated it so several years ago.

Many are likely to leased via a Personal Contract Purchase where there will be an option to buy at the end of the contract. As depreciation is higher with a Fiat, that final payment may be lower and worth taking the vehicle over.

Of course there are times when special offers are on the market, sometimes to get cars registered when more are being manufactred than sold. Then leasing a Fiat may tick all of the boxes