Leasing For Petrol Heads? Then Why Not Try Alfa Romeo

The Ex Top Gear and current Grand Tour presenters Clarkson, Hammond and May all say, you are not a petrolhead until you have owned an Alfa Romeo, but what about leasing one?

Alfa’s have always had a reputation for being sporty and nippy and with some models very fast. Of course, the build quality has never been its strong point, especially on interior. But even with a limited range, they have been able to satisfy those wanting a sporty drive, without entering supercar territory.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio sketch

Maybe Some Realities To Be Sure Of

Let’s say it as it is though. regarding leasing an Alfa, as there are some hard realities to face. Depreciation always plays a part in monthly lease premiums and Alfa’s inability to hold its value, will ultimately mean higher monthly payments than other vehicles with the same windscreen price. Those Co2 levels may not be at the same low level of those German options, but this has never been the main priority with designs. This may mean business owners may have higher benefit in kind payments.

Other Considerations

Taking a plan beyond its warranty period may also require some fixing of little issues that are likely to appear after a certain time, before handing back the car to the finance company at the end of the lease period. And although many parts are shared with Fiat, sometimes a specialist or dealer is required to deal with certain servicing issues or repairs. Most of the time, a Fiat dealership can handle most issues.

Lets Go For It! The Good Stuff

So now for the good stuff, Alfa Romeos are great driver’s cars, suited to those who want more than a drive to work and quite frankly they make you feel good at the wheel. Its Italian heritage has stayed mostly intact, or has been regained depending on opinion, as most believed it had strayed in previous decades. They even have their brand all over F1 as this is written, taken on the likes of Ferrari, which to be fair is a sister company.

Alfa Romeo Now In F1

Current Alfa Romeo Models

They have also moved into the SUV Hybrid market and so the smaller hatches like the Mito are no more in the UK market.
Here is a list of current models

  • Stelvio
  • Giulia
  • Giulietta
  • Quadrifoglio
  • Tonal Concept

Each model deserves a full write up of their own, so not much here, except they all have stunning lines, using their sporting legend status to the full.

A driver’s car needs a test drive before purchase looking at the figures alone may not be enough. It may not be the first car to do practical motorway driving, or where a corporate image is to be displayed with clients.

But if you want to fell good behind the steering wheel, look stunning in any car park, or just be a bit different to all those leased cars out there, then Alfa Romeo may be the cream on the cake.